Surviving the holidays

The holidays are here! Full of happiness, joy and family get-togethers. Yours probably go just like you envision them. Full of peace, harmony, laughter, and […] Read More

Embrace the suck

Mel Robbins cracks me up. She’s refreshingly real and so relatable, that’s why she’s got over eleven million views on her Ted Talk. Haven’t seen […] Read More


Mel Robbins, the author of the best selling book, The 5 Second Rule, and number one booked female speaker IN THE WORLD is holding a […] Read More

Live with intention

Last September I had the opportunity to see the world’s leading high-performance coach speak. He was one of the keynote speakers at Lewis Howes’ Summit […] Read More

Your kids are listening

Every parent tries their best. We want our children to hear and learn positive messages and lessons. We want to guide them to become the […] Read More