Embrace the Suck

Mel Robbins cracks me up. She’s refreshingly real and so relatable, that’s why she’s got over eleven million views on her Ted Talk. Haven’t seen it yet? Watch it now. You’re welcome.

One of her latest videos is on “Embracing the Suck”. You know the stuff we don’t want to do, but we have to do to get to the good stuff. For Mel, it’s the insane travel schedule she currently has. Airports, hotels, Ubers and more airports. She misses her family, her home, her dog and her cat. But this crappy part of what she does, the sucky part, it’s inevitable to get to where she’s going.

When you are the most booked female speaker in the world you are going to travel. Period. Until she can teleport, there’s no way around it. Does she whine and complain? Nope. She embraces the suck. And guess what, so should we.


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