Stop Waiting for Permission

She did it again. Mel Robbins’ latest video spoke directly to me. The old me. The me that was waiting for permission. Validation. The OK, to make a move. What on earth have I been thinking?

For far too long, I was sitting on the sidelines, waiting for someone (no idea who) to come and rescue me, to show me the way to my dream job, to my next step. Waiting for someone to tell me that I was good enough, that I was needed, that my skill set was so exemplary that they just had to hire me.

As long as I can remember, I’ve felt like I was the hardest working person in my position. When I began my teaching career twenty-four years ago, I was constantly on a quest of learning, soaking up knowledge, seeking information from leaders in the industry. Striving to do better, to be better. Lunch hours were spent observing experts, learning from them, asking questions that would help me gain as much expertise as I could. Nights were spent at school working on my master’s degree, taking professional development courses, observing my peers and learning from the great educators around me.

Fast forward to today. My position is part-time, I work as a consultant of sorts for my local county office of education. My title is Induction Coach. I work with new teachers to help them navigate their first two years in the classroom and clear their California Credential.

I take this job very seriously. My goal is to support these new teachers and to give them the tools to be self-reflectors. To look at their teaching practice and reflect and refine their skills.

The past two years, I’ve been wanting more. More opportunity, more work, more responsibility.

And you know what? I’d kind of been waiting for permission. Like Mel says. Waiting for somebody to notice my hard work, my enthusiasm, and dedication to these new teachers I was coaching. Waiting for someone to pluck me out of my low paying position and say, “Hey, you, we VALUE you. We see how hard you work, how much you dedicate yourself to the growth of your teachers. We’d love you to take on more.”

Guess what? NOT HAPPENING. And you know why? It’s MY problem, not my supervisor, not her supervisor, it’s ME. I’m in charge of my destiny and how much I think I’m worth.

Know what else? I’ve been in this position as an Induction Coach for sixteen years, WITH NO INCREASE IN PAY. You read that right. NONE. So if I don’t value my time and my worth, why should anyone else?

It’s time. I’m not waiting for permission anymore. There’s no external force that’s coming to tell me that I’m worth more than what I’m being paid.

NO ONE is going to make that change for you. I finally get it. It’s scary and it’s liberating all at the same time.

It’s up to you. You have the power. You and you alone. Don’t wait for permission.

I’m going out and creating my own destiny, just like Mel says.

And you know what? YOU should too.

Here’s Mel’s take on waiting for permission:


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