Buy Some Happy

Today I have a special guest post from my dear friend, radio host, and podcaster, Louise H. Reid!

Her mission is to…

 empower girls & women to rise up, break out and push boundaries; to create a life of positivity, purpose and success. I do this by working with women who have lost their identity in the busyness of work and motherhood, equipping them with the clarity, confidence and roadmap to find it. Life’s too short for it to be anything but awesome!

Here’s a little more about Louise in her own words…

I am passionate about life, living, laughing & loving BIG.

This energy is a life force present as an entrepreneur, a wife, mother, friend, daughter, and sister. In my work, I help high-achieving women moms re-connect with the woman within. We lose her as we race through life caring for our kids, spouse, friends, parents, boss, employees, community. It’s no wonder we don’t know who we have become.

I am happiest when supporting others in becoming the best version of themselves (or at the cottage with my fam!).

I have life experience (lots of it!), business experience (in HR, coaching and health take brave, bold action in pursuit of their best life.

So now that you know a bit about this incredible woman, let me share her wisdom about Buying Some Happy. It’s not what you may think!

Click HERE for the full article.

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