How to Let Go of Self-Hate & Become Your Own Super-Hero With One Simple Shift!

I know you’ll LOVE today’s guest post by my dear friend, Ryan Clarkin. He’s a transformational coach, mindset expert and motivational speaker.


Here’s what he has to say about letting go of self-hate with one simple shift…


Self-hate is more common in our culture than most of us think…

Self-hate occurs when we continue to judge ourself for who we have become.

In fact, we never really actually hate ourselves.

We hate our inauthentic self.

The self that is the part of our identity that is all of the lies we’ve believed ourselves to be.

This can happen as easily as failing a test when you were in school and deciding “I’m stupid”

Or it can happen as a result of one or many more painful experiences like someone you love or care about leaving and deciding “I’m not lovable” “or everyone leaves me” and in many cases those believes end up becoming a self fulfilling prophecy.

From the moment we are born and get a name, we follow the crowd and we create an identity.

We make up who we are through our own decisions about who we are and what other people say we are.

Some of these are disempowering, and some are empowering.

So if you notice yourself being in a place of self hate or even self judgement (not liking yourself), how do you transform your self image to have a superhero self image?

Well, the first step is to identify all of the lies you’ve bought about yourself…

This can be challenging because many of the lies we’ve bought about who we are become so consistent with our self image that we think that we are that self image.

This is a common human error.

You aren’t your self image.

The purest form of yourself that I have found to exist is the awareness behind yourself image.

The you experiencing “you”.

There is a level of freedom in recognizing this, and the second you recognize this, you gain the power to harness your awareness to transform your self.

Here’s something tangible you can do:

Journal the number one thing you judge most about yourself…

Think about that number one thing right now…

If you think back far enough, there was a time where that judgement didn’t even exist in your own mind.

If was before you had the experience of being judged and began judging yourself.

Now that you recognize that it’s something that you picked up, you can let it go.

You can destroy the pattern.

How do you destroy the pattern?

Simply stop giving it awareness.

Train your awareness, what you focus on expands.

By shifting your awareness to what’s great about you, what’s extraordinary about you and what’s unstoppable about you, that will expand, that will grow and your self judgements will die, and there is zero space for self hate when you give up judging yourself, the only thing there will be room for is acceptance, love and joy!

Who’s in on that!?

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