What’s the Deal With the Keys?

“What is the deal with that KEY you wear around your neck?”

I get asked this quite a bit.

It’s not a house key, or an office key.

It doesn’t open a safe full of jewels nor is it the key to my heart (yes, I’ve been asked that!)

This is so much more than a key. It’s created MIRACLES!

My children’s pediatric dentist, Dr. Joelle Speed owner of the Smile Gallery, gifted it to me a year and a half ago.

We weren’t friends, we were acquaintances. She was my kids’ dentist.

She believed in a little business idea I conjured up in my head and told me to GO FOR IT. She loved my passion, my purpose and vision. She gifted me her key engraved with the word BELIEVE.

Little did we know how profound that one gesture of kindness and generosity was.

How that Giving Key would lead us on multiple cross country trips, how it would end up transforming BOTH of our lives and bond us together in unimaginable ways.

She isn’t just a pediatric dentist who does it DIFFERENT. She is a bright light, a visionary and a force of all that is good in the world.

BELIEVE my friends, it’s the key to everything.

If you want to know more about how I transformed my life, (how you can too!) and how I kicked my 25-year career to the curb, go HERE.

If you want to see pediatric dentistry done DIFFERENT, to follow a TRAILBLAZER in her industry check out the Smile Gallery and Dr. Joelle Speed.


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