In a Relationship?

Do you know what attracted your partner to you?

If not, ASK!

I’m pretty vocal about my feelings on the importance of working on relationships to keep them strong and thriving. (Marriage retreats and couples counseling for the win!)

My husband and I are FAR from perfect, but we continue to put in the work to grow together, even after 19 years.

I wasn’t attracted to him for his money. (He was broke… but I saw potential!)

Or his hotness. (But he’s pretty cute!)

It was how he made me FEEL.

He adored me. I felt it deep down in my soul. And he made me laugh. Always pick the ones who make you laugh!

When I asked him what he saw in me, he said it was my joy and love for life and the passion for my job. He hadn’t met anyone who loved what they did that much. (at the time I was teaching Kindergarten)

He also said I smiled so big he could see the backs of my molars.

When you pick a partner based on meaningful measures you can bounce back from anything.

You aren’t together based on something as superficial or fleeting as money, fame, power or looks.

Even in the dark times (and we ALL have them), you’ll find your way back to the light.

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