Are We Born With Confidence?

I think so.

Then the outside noise seeps in.

As women, the media tells us we aren’t pretty enough, thin enough, blonde enough, smart enough, young enough or GOOD enough.

Society tells us to speak up less, fit in more, and whatever you do, don’t rock the boat.

Little by little I’ve shut out the noise.

Started to believe that in fact I was OK. Better than OK.

Started to believe that anything I put my mind to I could accomplish.

I transformed my mindset.

And in turn transformed my life.

You can too.

It’s not too late.

Start now.


I’m part of an EXCITING project debuting.

At 47, I’m going to be on TV, helping women find their confidence.

Anything is possible.

I’m proof.

Take control. Step into YOUR confidence.

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