So You Want To Do A Ted Talk…


 To get credibility?
To book speaking gigs?
To share your idea with a bigger audience?

By all means, if you have an idea worth spreading, one that will inspire the masses to take action, audition and get on that stage!

However, you don’t need that TedX stage to do big things.

Your experience, reputation and relationships are enough.

The power of sharing video is real and available to anyone at anytime, no permission nor stage needed.

Don’t let ANYTHING stop you.

Two years ago I had a message to share. One that I was passionate about getting out into the world. So I grabbed an iPhone and my nine year old son, recorded a video, and with the help of Mel Robbins and her 5 Second Rule, uploaded it to YouTube.

That video has over 20,000 views.

No stage needed.

Don’t wait for permission.

Just GO.

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