About Us

We are a brother-sister duo who work together while living in different countries. Thank God for Zoom and Slack! (Don’t know what those are? Don’t feel bad, neither did I until I started working on this project with my brother.)

I’m Amy, and I live in Northern California with my husband, kids, hamster, and cat. My background is in education and fitness, but my passion lies in connecting people to ideas and inspiration that can change their lives. Oh, and I have minimal tech skills…hence the partnership.

My brother, Patrick, lives in Costa Rica with his wife and their precious pups. He’s an insanely talented illustrator, animator, and graphic designer. An all-around computer whiz.

A year ago, I lost one of my best friends to ovarian cancer. She was a single mom who left behind a precious two-year-old boy.

That rocked me to my core. It woke me up.

I realized that I didn’t want to spend one more minute, of one more day, going through the motions. This precious life is so fleeting, so brief.

I went on a journey to see how I could live my best life possible. One that was full of courage, filled with gratitude and joy. Determined to conquer my fear of failure, and get out of my own freaking way, I sought out information to help me accomplish my goal. To live a life that brought value to other people. A life, that when it all came to an end, would have been a life that mattered.

I became a student on how to live with intention. On that journey, I found the keys to my courage. I’d love nothing more to share this knowledge with you.