We’ve Got a Problem

A gratitude problem.

When you can see that someone has it worse than you, you start looking for things to be grateful for.

It becomes your ‘default setting’.

Living with a grateful heart doesn’t mean you won’t feel grief, sadness or pain, BUT you cycle through those emotions a little quicker.

You don’t stay stuck.

This TRULY ‘clicked’ for me when my best friend was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

All of the things I’d complain about evaporated, I became grateful for things I’d taken for granted.

A pain free night of sleep? What a GIFT! Tracy couldn’t sleep through the night.

An argument with my husband? How lucky was I to have a husband to argue with. Tracy was a single mom with a toddler, going through chemo alone. She’d have given ANYTHING to have a spouse to help her, even one that irritated her once in awhile.

My bad hair days? No more of those. I saw ANY hair I had as a blessing.

Try it.

Look for ALL the blessings in your life.

They are there.

You can breathe, walk, talk, smile, call a friend, hug your spouse and kids…others can’t.

There’s someone out there who’d trade places with you in a heartbeat.

Gratitude… it changes everything.

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