Gossip … It Poisons Your Soul

Gossip. It poisons your soul.

I’m not proud to admit that I’ve participated in the past.

I was reflecting on WHY recently. Why I gossiped, why others do too.

I came up with a few theories.

  1. People are miserable in their lives and it makes them feel better.
  2. It gives powerless people a feeling of power.
  3. MY reason, the unfortunate reason I have ever gossiped… to feel a sense of connection.

I’m a people person. A relationship builder. A connector. So in the past, I tried to morph into what I thought would make people happy. And I tried to connect. Unfortunately sometimes that connecting was around gossip.

Never was I malicious. I’m not a jealous or envious person, I sure don’t want to hurt anyone EVER.

So I’m VERY cognizant now when I’m around people. I will never say something about someone else that I wouldn’t tell them myself.

I’m also realizing that not everyone is going to connect with me. Not everyone will like me, my personality or what I believe in. That’s OK! But I’m not going to use gossip as a way to connect anymore.

I know better and I DO better.

Now? I’m surrounding myself with women who share hopes and dreams, visions and goals and life has never EVER been better!

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