Uplifting You

I’m thrilled to announce ‘Uplifting You’!

A segment airing once a month on Fox 40 News!

We are transforming women from the inside out.

I’ll be coaching women who are transforming their lives, giving them the tools to step into their confidence.

By my side is a team of dynamos: Kayla Webb, professional photographer and owner of Ashton Imagery, Jennifer Vasquez, hair stylist and owner of The Color Chemistry, Jennifer Jones, make up artist and owner of Blades and Brushes Studios and Camille Board, our fashion stylist from Button Up Boutique.

Meet Monica

A 21 year old taking on the weight of the world after a double tragedy struck her family.

Click HERE to see her transformation.

No matter how dark it seems right now, there is always light.

There’s always something to be grateful for and a reason to keep going.




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