Made For More

You were made for MORE.

Rachel Hollis says this, our church Bayside Blue Oaks has this slogan EVERYWHERE. This past year I finally embraced that mantra as my own.

For years I heard this whisper, deep in my soul that what I was doing at work, and what I was capable of, were not aligned.

I chose the path of education as a teenager. Graduated with a Liberal Studies degree, then a teaching credential and a master’s in Curriculum Design. So when I heard that whisper, I felt that I made my bed and now I had to lie in it.

Until I couldn’t lie in it for one more day. (If you want that story, click here)

Looking back, as I’m six months removed from quitting, I see that past year as a BLESSING. All those trials and tribulations, that anguish and those tears. I needed it ALL. It was the universe shouting at me to GET ON WITH IT. There was something else out there for me, but I wasn’t brave enough to take the leap until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Now I know, this is where I’m supposed to be. Doing what I was made to do. Working with people that fill me with joy every single day. People like Dr. Joelle Speed that think outside of the box, that lead with integrity, that do things DIFFERENT. That value relationships, connection, are generous and kind.

If you’ve ever heard that whisper. The one I ignored for years. The one that whispered you were made for more than this. You can do more than what you are doing. LISTEN TO IT.

Start job searching, if your career doesn’t light your soul on fire. Take some time to deeply reflect on your relationship if it doesn’t bring you joy. If you have more bad days than good ones, THAT’S A SIGN. Don’t ignore that whisper, that inner wisdom for years as I did.

You WERE made for more and you need to start finding what your more is right now.

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