I’ve Got a Confession…

I screwed up, and I’m sharing so you don’t make the same mistake.

My entire life, I let OTHER people define my worth.

  • The teacher that laughed at me in high school because I was accepted into a State College
  • The college professor who told me to give up because he knew I’d flunk his class
  • The interview panels that said ‘no’ for jobs I applied for
  • And the big one that had me label myself as ‘stupid’… my crappy SAT score (REALLY crappy)

I always knew I was a good person, and a hard worker, but I felt dumb.

Years after getting my master’s degree I thought that I somehow ‘tricked’ people into thinking I was smart enough to pass. MAJOR case of impostor syndrome.

Here’s the thing… I’m not stupid AT ALL. In fact, I’m pretty smart and have a TON more common sense and a high EQ.

But I let those stories define me.


My bad.

I have a new story. Now, I’m my own superhero. Annihilating self-doubt and kicking low-self esteem to the curb.

There are BIG THINGS on the horizon.
Once I picked myself, once I deemed myself worthy, I became that version of me that was hidden for so long.

I’ve got an exciting announcement coming! My Northern California friends you want to pencil  March 10th in on your calendars!

I was invited to join a dynamic crew, to celebrate International Women’s Day. You DON’T want to miss it.

Stay tuned… And don’t EVER let anyone or anything define your worth. You are ENOUGH just as you are.


2 Replies to “I’ve Got a Confession…

  1. Amy, I have to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate this newsletter. Deep down, I pray your inner voice whispers how much you are LOVED. The courage, lessons, genuine realness you share pushes me into living an authentic life.

    Guess what? YOU are also a Writer/Author 🙂 The way your words dance when reading is truly a gift Your publications whether it be a newsletter, blog, or book…anyone reading it will be impacted.


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