The Antidote to Depression is…


*DISCLAIMER… I’m not a medical professional, this is my personal experience. If you are struggling please seek professional help*

It’s my belief that the antidote to depression is PURPOSE

I was not the woman you see today. I struggled with confidence, I lacked courage, I was plagued by imposter syndrome.

When my sorority sister, and best friend from college, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I became depressed.

She was a single mom, raising a baby alone, fighting for her life.

After she passed away, I was grief-stricken, and mad. Angry that someone that GOOD be taken, there were so many bad people still here.

I had what I can only describe as a strong pull from deep in my soul to DO SOMETHING.

Instead of wallowing in anger, depression and grief I needed to HELP.

So I pushed through massive fear and organized a fundraiser for her baby boy.

Each day I worked on that, my anger started to disappear. My depression started to lift, until one day I realized that it was gone.

I was living in GRATITUDE and JOY.

Tracy gave me purpose, she saved my life.

I encourage you to be a helper, a selfless one. Find true purpose in the service of others. You will give yourself the gift of living a life of joy.  My wish has always been for the world to know Tracy, her story and her strength, to feel her bright light and JOY.

I hope I’m making her proud.



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