Burn Your Boats

Sometimes we need to Burn Our Boats, as Napoleon Hill so famously said.

To sever ties with that thing holding us back so that we can fearlessly forge ahead.

It’s terrifying, I know.
Believe me, I’ve been there.

Eight months ago I quit my job. The situation I was witnessing, was breaking my heart.

Something deep inside told me to tell my story. Not using names or places, just sharing why I quit, encouraging other women to stand up, to use their voices when seeing injustice going on in the workplace.

So I grabbed my teenage daughter, handed her my phone and told her to hit ‘record’. I was shaky, and on the verge of being sick, but with tears in my eyes I spoke my truth.

Then I uploaded it to Facebook.

Over 4,000 views and 50 shares later, the messages came rolling in from all over.

Other women in similar situations with administrators that lacked the training to effectively lead. Other educators with administrators that bullied and led with intimidation.

By posting that video, I knew I’d never go back to  working for a county office of education EVER.

Our hearts know what we need to do. If your soul is shouting at you, like mine was, consider burning those boats.

I’ve never looked back.


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