Time to FLY

We all have wings, those of us who chose to spread them FLY.

The catalyst to finding my wings came in the form of a key, engraved with the word BELIEVE.

This key, this word, this GIFT from Joelle was INSTRUMENTAL in lighting a spark to annihilate my self doubt self-doubt and design that life of my dreams.

But the key WASN’T magical.

The magic came from deep within ME.

Tens of thousands of people have purchased these keys, heck I’ve given away DOZENS myself!

Has every person who was ever gifted a GIVING KEY gone on to transform their life?

Has every person that was gifted that BELIEVE key, ended up believing in themselves?

Have they left a job that made them miserable?

Have they risked everything and designed their dream life?


Because these keys AREN’T magical. The magic comes from WITHIN.


YES, that means YOU have this power too!

You don’t even need a key.

You’ve had the power all along.

I had the power all along.

Just like Glenda the Good Witch from the land of Oz said all those years ago…

“You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

I finally get it. I hope you get it too.

Spread your wings, find your power and FLY.


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